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Spotlight presenter Kiki Okafor: Connecting global listeners with Soulful Vybz of Lagos

Who with over ten years of experience in radio broadcasting, has carved a name for herself in the industry through her exceptional talent and captivating presence on the airwaves. As a broadcaster, podcaster, voice-over artist, and writer, Kiki Okafor brings a wealth of expertise to her role at Vybz 94.5 FM. Throughout her career, she has excelled in various areas, including presentation, news editing, news reading, reportage, and content development. […]

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Labelle Vitien: Bringing passion and depth to late-night radio on “VYBZ & SOUL” at Vybz 94.5 FM

Vybz 94.5 FM, the leading Afrobeats and game show giveaway station, is shining a spotlight on the talented presenter Labelle Vitien, who brings passion, authenticity, and profound insights to the late-night airwaves with her captivating show, "VYBZ & SOUL." Labelle Vitien, an award-winning actress and TV host, has quickly become a beloved figure among listeners as she fearlessly dives into the unspoken realms of love, sex, relationships, and the human […]

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Vybz FM dominates Afrobeats with 1m listeners, captures 11% market share in 8 months

Vybz FM 94.5, the number one Afrobeats visual music and giveaway radio station, is continuously making remarkable strides in the industry. With its dynamic programming and unwavering commitment to showcasing the best of African music, the station proudly boasts an astounding listenership of over 1,020,000 dedicated fans and an impressive 389,000 live streams. Since receiving commercial broadcast approval from NBC on December 13, 2022, Vybz 94.5 FM has solidified its […]

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Vybz 94.5 FM – Your 24/7 Source for the Latest Afrobeats Hits and Trending Artists

Vybz 94.5 FM, the leading Afrobeats visual music radio station based in Lagos, is making a significant impact locally and globally with its dynamic programming and commitment to showcasing the best of African music. With a focus on “More Music, Less Talk,” Vybz 94.5 FM offers an unparalleled 24-hour Afrobeats musical experience, captivating listeners and cementing its position as a go-to platform for music enthusiasts worldwide. Since receiving commercial broadcast […]

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The Powerhouse Personalities of Vybz FM 94.5: Getting to know the faces behind the voices

Vybz FM 94.5, the leading Afrobeats visual music radio station, is making waves in Lagos and beyond, with its powerhouse lineup of talented women. With female DJs and female On-Air Personalities (OAPs), the station is not only amplifying the vibrant sounds of Afrobeats but also championing female empowerment in the industry. Leading the charge is DJ Michelle, a trailblazing force in the Afrobeats Disc Jockey. With her expert curation and […]

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DJ Michelle Is Unrivaled

  It is an open secret that DJ Michelle’s reputation precedes her. Judging by her beatmatching prowess, she is one of the best young female turntablists in the country. Without exaggerating, her spinback and music-juggle skills are unequaled. Stunning and always making an impression with her performance at all her gigs, it won’t be out of place to say DJ Michelle is unrivaled. Her 8 pm – 9 pm (Monday […]

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