AFOREVO: Africa’s largest YouTube partner boost of over 4 billion views annually on its platforms

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At a time when there is an explosion in digital creative content, occasioned by the bourgeoning effects of online platforms, AFOREVO has emerged as the leading platform where Nigerian and African content creators are duly rewarded for their sweat.


AFOREVO is a Pan-African digital content company that is active in the production, marketing, and distribution of content. A company with production studios in six countries within the continent of Africa, that also operates AFOREVO, AFOREVO TV, AFOREVO Dubbing, and the soon to be launched VYBZ 94.5 FM, a digital afro-focused online radio.

Murphy Ben International (MBI), with business operations and investments that span the digital business world, is the parent company of AFOREVO and was founded by Mr. Murphy Anawana on May 11, 2009.

In a recent media engagement, executives from the respective subsidiaries of the Lagos-based conglomerate, Murphy Ben International, enlightened the public about the opportunities being offered by AFOREVO to African creators of digital content.

Mr. Mark Redguard, the General Manager of the digital voice and visual radio station, emphasized that VYBZ 94.5 FM is not just your regular radio platform, but a Nigerian 360 digital voice and visual radio. Our audience, regardless of where they are located, will be able to stream any of our shows, because we want to continually engage and connect to the right set of individuals from the youth demographic across the world. Nigerian and Afro-beat music lovers living in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, New York, Maryland, among others can listen to Afro-beat mixes during Morning, Lunch and Evening drives.

This Nigerian-based revolutionary online digital radio station is said to offer Nigerian youth, who are unafraid to speak up, a unique digital mass communication platform to speak out and change redundant norms with energetic and liberating views. The show segments on VYBZ 94.5 FM give room for a greater sense of various genres, in music, arts, tech, cultural activities, and news that affects and, according to the station, they understand the importance of acceptance and inclusion.

As a digital content production, marketing, and distribution company, AFOREVO also has many other turn-key services. We are committed to creating a thriving and engaging digital marketplace for start-ups that are bringing audio-visual content to the African market.

He said that they try to redefine the entire value chain of digital content in the areas of sales, distribution, marketing, project packaging, co-production, subsidies, and talent development in the African industry.

The company is not leaving anything to chance in making sure that content producers get premium payment for their work.

The Chief Executive Officer of AFOREVO TV, Mr Afam Anawana, speaking, gave insight into the fact that AFOREVO TV, as an ad-supported video streaming service platform within YouTube, has professionally produced andcurated content across web series, comedy shows, music. The company is trying to open a new frontier.

The next generation of African filmmakers will be brought to Berlin and offered an international forum for current technology, ideas, and developments in the African film industry, thanks to the AFOREVO digital content distribution new platform at the European film market.

The C.O.O of AFOREVO, Mr Chijioke Ofomata, said that the company is focused on changes in the industry triggered by innovations in technology.

He said that they are always excited to partner with more local filmmakers, scriptwriters, and content creators to build amazing experiences for all their subscribers.

He said that AFOREVO will not only offer to partner with a large platform to either produce fresh content or showcase their already finished digital content but also create a new avenue to expand their content’s global viewership base and further unlock new revenue.

Mr Dennis Igwebuike, the Group Head, AFOREVO YouTube Channels, said that the content viewing on AFOREVO TV channels is designed to feel smart in such a way that navigating around and consuming content is user-friendly, contextual, and easily captures anyone. We have a platform to promote content and activities of celebrities, either as entertainers or content creators. We can work on any act that is already established, an upcoming act, a celebrity chef, athlete, reality star, influencer, film director, music producer, fashion designer, costumier, make-up artist, supermodel, etc. Our engagement with the likes of YouTube has changed. The new website will have new energy and spirit.

At Aforevo, we pride ourselves as the leading Digital TV platform that offers premium revenue opportunities for filmmakers and video content creators and also the largest African partner with about 300 million views and over 4 billion yearly views.

Mr. Chijioke gave an outline of how it works, for partners who have their content on any of our platforms.

Content creators can earn and gain monetary returns on their work if they choose to promote their content on AFOREVO TV. Revenues from viewers of such content would be shared between AFOREVO and the partner.

Mr. Chijioke explained that in-content advertising is one of the most useful and creative ways to serve ads to potential customers. We make sure to always introduce our partner’s digital content and offerings through our channel via the provisioned graphic or video ads, in between the shows, without disrupting the flow of the content.

AFOREVO TV has professionally produced andcurated content across web series, comedy shows, music, documentaries, films, tech news, food, beauty, fashion, and more.

The COO stated that once a partner submits his intellectual digital content, it can be used in a film, documentary, music video, e-audio.

He said that the opportunities on AFOREVO are not limited to conventional producers.

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