Spotlight presenter Kiki Okafor: Connecting global listeners with Soulful Vybz of Lagos

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Who with over ten years of experience in radio broadcasting, has carved a name for herself in the industry through her exceptional talent and captivating presence on the airwaves.

As a broadcaster, podcaster, voice-over artist, and writer, Kiki Okafor brings a wealth of expertise to her role at Vybz 94.5 FM. Throughout her career, she has excelled in various areas, including presentation, news editing, news reading, reportage, and content development. Her dedication and passion for her craft have earned her recognition and accolades within the industry.

One of Kiki Okafor’s notable contributions to Vybz 94.5 FM is her role as the host of the highly acclaimed show, “Open House.” This powerfully packed gospel music show transcends geographical boundaries, connecting global listeners with the vibrant Vybz of Lagos. As a global Afrobeats IT streamer, Vybz 94.5 FM ensures that music lovers worldwide can tune in and immerse themselves in the rich sounds of Afrobeats streaming live at

“Open House” airs every Sunday morning from 6 am to 12 noon, providing listeners with a divine mix of contemporary praise and worship songs beautifully blended with current Nigerian gospel hits. The show offers a completely spiritual experience, with a general theme for the day, nuggets of the gospel shared every hour, and a brief sermon from a pastor. Through her engaging and heartfelt hosting, Kiki Okafor creates an atmosphere of inspiration and connection, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

In addition to “Open House,” Kiki Okafor also hosts the popular show “Soul Food” on Vybz 94.5 FM. This early morning program, airing on weekdays from 3 am to 5 am and weekends from 4 am to 6 am, sets the tone for the day with soothing melodies known as “song spirations” and accompanying inspirational quotes. “Soul Food” aims to nourish the mind, body, and soul of listeners, providing them with a positive and empowering start to their day, no matter where they are in the world.

But the journey doesn’t end there! Join Kiki Okafor for a delightful Saturday morning cruise, setting sail every Saturday from 6 am to 11:30 am. As you sip your morning brew, let Kiki’s magnetic presence and enchanting selections take you on an unparalleled voyage of music, musings, and good vibes.

At Vybz 94.5 FM, the mission is to curate the best local and international Gospel music, including LoveWorld (Christ Embassy) favorites, while fostering a global community that transcends geographical boundaries. With over 9,553,443 radio listeners in Lagos alone, Vybz 94.5 FM recognizes the social and economic challenges faced by many individuals and aims to uplift and empower its listeners through daily inspirational quotes, motivational messages, and worship music.

Kiki Okafor’s presence on Vybz 94.5 FM not only adds depth and authenticity to the station’s lineup but also catalyzes empowering the minds, bodies, and souls of listeners worldwide. Her commitment to delivering exceptional content, coupled with Vybz 94.5 FM’s dedication to providing a global platform for Afrobeats enthusiasts, creates a powerful combination that resonates with listeners seeking inspiration and connection.

Contact: Nkiru “Kiki” Okafor Broadcaster, Podcaster, Voice-over Artist


Follow Vybz 94.5 FM on social media to stay connected with Kiki Okafor and receive daily doses of positivity, encouragement, and soul-stirring music. Tune in to Vybz 94.5 FM Lagos or visit to experience the transformative power of Gospel music and start your day on a positive note, no matter where you are in the world.

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